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Index to Ethics Commission Opinions - 2005

IO-05-06 Icon PDF
A project manager in the department of public works may work as a surveyor for an entity outside the county, where the entity does no work in or for the county.

IO-05-08 Icon PDF
Public safety employees may accept discounted tickets to a basketball game, under the circumstances described in the opinion.
IO-05-12 Icon PDF
Public safety employees may accept free tickets to a professional soccer game and their friends and family members may accept discounted tickets, where the value of the gift and the discount are nominal.

IO-05-19 Icon PDF
An employee may not accept travel expenses to a manufacturing plant from a controlled donor who is doing business and seeking to do more business with the county, unless offered in conjunction with a conference where the employee will be a featured speaker.


IO-05-26 Icon PDF
The abuse of office provision prohibits an employee from accepting a monetary award or any other gift of more than nominal value for performing the employee's county duties. The county may accept the monetary award to further its purposes or programs, if the gift will benefit the public.


IO-05-29 Icon: PDF
A county council member may vote on a grant to a private organization where the member's legislative assistant is a member of the board of the organization, under the specific circumstances described in the opinion.


IO-05-38 Icon: PDF
An inspector may not contract privately with a regulated entity over whom the inspector has authority.


IO-05-40 Icon: PDF
An employee may accept secondary employment with an entity which had a prior contractual relationship with the employee's agency under the circumstances described in the opinion.


IO-05-47 Icon: PDF
A former employee and current volunteer with the county may accept a consulting contract with a law firm hired to represent the county.


IO-05-48 Icon: PDF
A managerial employee in the department of inspections and permits may not volunteer to work for an entity in the development of a building project that will be regulated by the employee's department.


IO-05-52 Icon: PDF
An employee may accept gifts of nominal value from vendors at a professional conference under the circumstances described in the opinion.


IO-05-60 Icon: PDF
An employee may accept a gift from a controlled donor on behalf of the county, if the gift is used to promote the county's purposes and the ultimate beneficiary of the gift will not be a county employee.


IO-05-61 Icon: PDF
An agency may not accept a newspaper's offer of a discounted advertisement in the paper announcing an agency event, where the newspaper requests that it be named in the advertisement as a sponsor, and that it be permitted to attend the event to promote the newspaper.


IO-05-68 Icon: PDF
The ethics law does not prohibit the use of county facilities for a work-related party that is held to celebrate a special event. Employees may give gifts of nominal value to a supervisor as long as there is no coercion involved in the solicitation of the gifts.


IO-05-69 Icon: PDF
Employees may accept a gift of nominal value from a controlled donor in the circumstances described in the opinion.

IO-05-72 Icon: PDF
A council member may not co-sponsor or otherwise participate in the legislative process involving an amendment to zoning laws on behalf of a person with whom the member has a financial relationship.

IO-05-77 Icon: PDF
An employee who provides materials and participates as a speaker at a conference may not accept an honorarium for these services, and may not permit the entity sponsoring the conference to sell a video of the speech or materials provided to the conference participants.


IO-05-85 Icon: PDF
The attorney to the liquor board who also works as an assistant state's attorney does not have a conflict of interest between these employments.


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