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Convenience Fees

Anne Arundel County has partnered with Official Payments Corporation (OPAY) and BankServ to facilitate automated payments online for Real Estate, Utility and Personal Property bills. Official Payments, Inc. is the same company used by the IRS, the State of Maryland, and many other government entities around the state of Maryland and the rest of the country


For Real Property and Personal Property bills, OPAY assesses a convenience fee of 2.60% based on the total transaction amount each time the service is used. 


For all Utility-based payments (water & wastewater, front foot assessments and installment agreements), OPAY assesses a flat rate fee of $2.75 per transaction. 


There is a flat rate of $1.50 per transaction for eCheck payments processed by BankServ. 


Anne Arundel County receives no money from this convenience fee. Unlike a private for-profit business, the Anne Arundel County Government cannot absorb the discount fee associated with credit card processing as cost of doing business, or increase fees to all users to cover these costs. Credit card companies charge fees, usually absorbed by the business and factored into the price of the goods or service they charge consumers.  Anne Arundel County chooses not to have taxpayers who use cash subsidize those who use credit.


We will continue to provide Anne Arundel County customers with the ability to make payments in person or by mail without any fee. Paying a convenience fee is a choice made only by those who choose to use the services of the Official Payments Corporation and BankServ. We will always continue to accept payments by mail or in person.


Residents may continue to pay their bills by mail or in person without any additional charge.  Payments to the County can be made between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday (except holidays) to the cashiers at any of the following locations:


Additionally, non-cash payments (checks and/or money orders) can be made at any time in the yellow drop boxes at hese same locations.  Real Estate Tax bills, Personal Property Bills, Front Food Assessment bills and Utility bills are mailed with a self-addressed courtesy envelope. 


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