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Work Release Program

Designed to prepare participants for release by offering opportunities to address their individual program needs.  Success in this program depends entirely on the inmate.
Inmates assigned to Ordnance Road Correctional Center are eligible to participate in the Work Release Program.  All sentenced inmates who meet the eligibility criteria may participate – court ordered and court recommendations do not necessarily mean the inmate will be placed on the program.
Work Release Program Information
Information is provided to serve as a guide while on the Work Release Program, and will be reviewed with the inmate in detail by a Case Manager.  The Case Manager will also discuss program procedures, employment requirements and the fee collection process.
One of the main reasons for the Work Release Program is so that the inmate may work in the Community, continue to earn a living wage and meet their financial obligations.  Accordingly, an important feature of an IPA will be a financial plan.  While on Work Release, inmates are expected to meet legal and family obligations such as child support, restitution, court costs, attorney’s fees, etc.  Additionally, all participants of the Work Release Program will be required to pay for room and board in accordance with statutory requirements and AACDF policy.  Payroll checks and pay stubs must be placed in the designated drop box located in the housing unit core.  If an employer does not issue official pay stubs, s/he must provide the inmate with a Pay Information Sheet.  Failure to pay any of the above mentioned fees will result in an infraction.
For every day of satisfactory performance on the Work Release Program, the inmate's sentence will be reduced by one-day.  Satisfactory performance means the inmate must work at least 5 hours per day in order to receive full credit for that day.

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