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Weekend Sentences

Weekend confinement is an alternative sentence defined in statute as non-consecutive periods of 48 hours or less per week.  Typically, weekend sentences are from 6:00 p.m. Friday to 6:00 p.m. Sunday.  Weekend inmates are subject to all AACDF rules and regulations and are not generally separated from the general population.
Program Elements
Alcohol/Drug Testing – Conducted for cause/suspicion.
Diminution of Confinement – Five days Good Conduct Time for every 30 days served, calculated on a pro-rated basis.
Violations – Violations of institutional rules are handled through the AACDF disciplinary process.
  • Offenders who are late less than four (4) hours, by agreement with the Courts, on the release date must remain the amount of equal to the lateness.
  • Letters concerning serious or repeated rule violations are forwarded to the court for appropriate action.
Failure to report(or late greater than four (4) hours)– will result in charges filed for second degree escape, after verifying with the Records Unit that the offender was not excused for cause.
An administrative fee, due on the first reporting day, is based on sentence length, according to a sliding scale.  Failure to submit the fee will result in an infraction.

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