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Training Unit Division

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We are pleased to present the Training Unit’s webpage. This webpage will present a virtual picture of how the Department’s Training Unit is working toward accomplishing its mission. Throughout it, is a comprehensive summary of the accomplishments, initiatives and activities of the Department’s Training Unit. Statistical information, reports and photographs contained within this webpage detail our successes and progress made in achieving our goals and setting our direction for the future.
As the Department continues to meet the challenges in the field of corrections, new approaches to staff training are paramount. Gangs Training, Security, Safety and
Survival, Prison Rape Elimination Act, Personal Safety Training/Workplace Violence just to name a few classes, have been instituted to enhance the personal protection capabilities of staff and the inmate population.  All staff is encouraged to increase their opportunities for learning through the utilization of the many training programs/information the Literature Resource Library, and the DVD-Video Resouce Library.
The Department of Detention Facilities Training Unit is charged with planning, coordinating and conducting training and provides continuous professional development, education and training to all of the Department’s security, civilian and contractor personnel. The Training Unit is responsible for the management of the curriculum development process and the archiving of all Departmental curricula. The Unit’s Training Manager, Training Coordinators, Office Support Specialist and a cadre of Adjunct Instructors plan, develop, implement and manage programs in an effort to build a highly trained and professional staff. Collectively, the Training Unit staff has over thirty years experience within corrections.
The Anne Arundel County Department of Detention Facilities Training Unit is one of eleven certified Correctional Training Academies in the state of Maryland.
Access for Persons with Disabilities
We have made every attempt to make our website compliant with federal and state accessibility design guidelines. If you are a person with a disability and are having trouble using our website, please tell us about the problem by sending an e-mail message to the Training Manager.




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