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Jennifer Road Detention Center
131 Jennifer Road
Annapolis, MD. 21401
(410) 222-7374


Ordnance Road Correctional Center
600 E. Ordnance Road
Glen Burnie, MD. 21060
(410) 222-6350



Detention Facilities - Training Unit 


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Training Advisory Committee

Although not a "training opportunity" per se, becoming a member of the Training Advisory Committee (TAC) means employees can assist in deciding on the direction and quality of training programs. The Training Advisory Committee makes recommendations for the establishment of competencies and standards, identifies training needs of library staff, prioritizes those needs, and makes recommendations about how to go about meeting those needs. Each year, a cross-section of the entire Department is selected to serve on the Training Advisory Committee for a period of one-year. TAC members participate in quarterly meetings to develop programs and address Departmental needs. Some TAC members volunteer to get involved in special projects. This is an opportunity to get involved in the "Big Picture" and follow ideas from creation to implementation.

The Committee is chaired by the Training Manager. The Anne Arundel County Department of Detention Facilities Training Advisory Committee is composed of the following members:

  • Corporal Stephen Allen
  • Criminal Justice Program Supervisor Brett Blevins
  • Captain Michael Borgese
  • Corporal Tonya Brown
  • Assistant Correctional Facility Administrator Sandora Cathcart
  • Sergeant Micheal Collins
  • Office Support Specialist Shakiea Copeland
  • Storekeeper Stacy Dellavecchia
  • Office Support Specialist Jessica Durosky
  • Training Manager Mindy Ellison
  • Captain Christian Flanagan
  • Officer Elizabeth Johns
  • Sergeant Charles Lloyd
  • Correctional Facility Administrator William Martin
  • Volunteer Coordinator Cynthia Meyers
  • Criminal Justice Program Supervisor Catherine Robinson
  • Officer Reginald Somerville
  • Training Coordinator Jerhretta Suite
  • Corporal Darlene Tasker
  • Lieutenant Brian Vance
  • Sergeant Salvatore Vella
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