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Training Day Rules and Program Guide

Training Day Housekeeping Rules

The following ground rules have been devised to help make the training experience a positive one for everyone involved:

Test scores will be available, upon request, two business days after the class. Test scores will be sent out via email.

Students are expected to take notes for review prior to the administration of the test. Notes will not be permitted during test taking.

Be respectful of your fellow students and the facilitator.

Return to class after breaks and lunch in the time specified by the facilitator.

If you become lethargic during class, please stand up in the back of the room.

Turn off cell phones, blackberries, palm pilots, pagers, mp3 players, walkmans and game boys.

Full participation in activities and discussions is expected.

Have Fun!!!

Programs Available
Basic Instructor Training Program
Correctional Entrance Level Training Program
Field Trainer Certification Program
Firearms Training Program
In-Service Training Program
Leadership Development Program
New Employee Reception
Transportation Training Program
Tag Along Program
Special Operations Response Team Training (SORT)
Employee Re-Entry Training Program
Committees Available
Training Advisory Committee (TAC)
December 19, 2014 9:59 AM

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