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Fallen Officer's Presentation

The Anne Arundel County Department of Detention Facilities Training Department is proud to present to you the Fallen Officer Presentation, a tribute to honor correctional employees and, in particular, those who have died in the line of duty.
It is a fitting tribute to correctional employees who risk their own safety daily to ensure that inmates, their fellow employees, and the public at large are safe. As we unveil this memorial presentation, we honor those who have sacrificed, and we extend our most sincere gratitude to the correctional employees and their loved ones. All too often we take our correctional employees for granted. The Fallen Officer Presentation was created to honor, respect, and remember the service and sacrifice of all corrections professionals and to help all Americans to better understand and appreciate the hard work and sacrifice of corrections professionals. In addition, we wanted to celebrate the camaraderie that motivates and supports the call to this profession. Strive to be distinctive and professional, and to be men and women of integrity, with strong moral and ethical character. Successful corrections professionals work to seek and find purpose in both their personal and professional lives. Each of you is a powerful testament to hope as we work in corrections in the 21st century and beyond. May you be filled with an inner pride and humility as you join the ranks of corrections professionals who currently serve and who have served. Remember that success and achievement are void of color, gender, attitude, discontent, and complacency. Your success will ultimately be galvanized by your individual and collective strengths and wisdom. Stay grounded in your commitment to the profession. Perform your duties daily with purpose and confidence. Pay attention to every single detail during your training. Be considerate of your fellow employees and always follow policy and procedures. Protect your fellow employees as you would protect something of great personal value to you. Hold each other in the highest esteem and vow to perform your duties with care and professionalism for as long as you serve in your chosen profession. And, finally, choose today and everyday to uphold the fundamental truths of that profession.



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