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Frequently Asked Questions

These Frequently Asked Training Questions (FAQ) serve as an on-line resource for the Anne Arundel County Department of Detention Facilities employees. The FAQs address topics related to making decisions on maximizing career opportunities through comprehensive work related training and development.
We hope all of the questions provide the answers you're looking for and offer a starting point for asking and answering more questions. If there are questions you have that are not answered here, please contact the Training Unit.
This year's training program shall provide for career development and the continuation and introduction of specialized programs to enhance security and treatment initiatives.
Your employees' needs and goals should be considered when developing their training program for the year. The employees should be the first to identify areas of strength and of needed improvement.
Customized track training is to be spread over time. All of the training included on the tracks does not have to be taken during a twelve month period occurring in the current calendar year.
Utilize the Performance Appraisals and the areas identified within the Employee Development Plan in the PPA.
If approved for a new special assignment, the initial certification hours and annual training hours must be taken into consideration when developing their Individual Development Plan.
Many employees do not have aspirations of being promoted. Instead, focus on how they can improve within their chosen career; ask what skills or areas would help them to be more successful in their current positions.
Staff who are not on special assignment training are limited to 18 - 24 hours Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commissions hours of approved in-service training each calendar year, anything over that requires supervisor/Assistant Correctional Facility Administrator's approval, as necessary.
Employees may take non-mandatory/recommended courses that exceed their required annual training hours upon approval by their supervisor/Assistant Correctional Facility Administrator's approval, as necessary.
In-service training is not required for an individual during the same calendar year in which an entrance-level training (academy) is completed.
All of the department's supervisors are required to take AED refresher courses during the calendar year following certification.
CPR/AED certification is mandatory every two years and is offered during the Security, Safety and Survival classes.
First Aid certification is mandatory every 3 years and is offered during the Security, Safety and Survival classes.
Defensive Tactics Refresher classes are mandatory for non-SORT Officers every two years.
Staff who are SORT qualified will receive defensive tactics during annual SORT re-qualification training.
The expectations for all staff who are approved to attend off-site training is that they will return to the facilities and assist in the creation of a training program for our staff.
Parking is provided for training participants in the designated parking lots marked "Staff Parking". Please refrain from parking in the spaces allocated for administrators, supervisors, visitors.
If you require special accommodations to attend or participate in training, please provide information about your requirements to the Training Manager at 410-222-6350 ext. 3115 at least five business days in advance of the training class.
All training classes will be conducted at either the Jennifer Road Detention Center, located at 131 Jennifer Road, Annapolis Maryland 21401 or the Ordnance Road Correctional Center, located at 600 East Ordnance Road, Glen Burnie, Maryland 21060 in the training classrooms or designated training areas. Please refer to the weekly training reminders for training locations and times.
In the event that Anne Arundel County Government offices are closed, scheduled training classes for that day will be rescheduled. Security staff scheduled to work shall report to shift. Tune into your local news and radio broadcasts for up-to-date accurate weather information.



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