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The Anne Arundel County Department of Detention Facilities is committed to providing inmates opportunities for successful community re-entry.  Re-Entry is the process of leaving jail and returning to society.   The Department of Detention Facilities provides an inmate with strategies for re-entry that translate into public safety gains including reduced recidivism and successful long-term reintegration.
An individual’s incarceration starts with a “begin with the end in mind” approach to programmatic services.  Building self esteem through participation in outside work details, work release, and house arrest allow for the development of proper life skills; and provide opportunity for these successes in re-entry to a society void of drugs and crime.
When inmates approach their release date a Case Manager reviews their post-release requirements.  If an individual has Probation, Court Ordered Restitution or Child Support obligations these requirements are reviewed at the Exit Conference.  The Case Manager also uses the exit conference to identify community referrals as well as review potential stumbling blocks for a successful re-entry. The inmate will receive an Exit Conference Checklist providing contact information for applicable post release service providers. These providers include Parole and Probation as well as drug rehabilitation programs.  Anne Arundel County residents who qualify are enrolled into the County Health Department Substance Abuse Re-entry Program.



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