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Ordnance Road Correctional Center

Ordnance Road Correctional Center
600 E. Ordnance Road Glen Burnie, MD 21060
The Ordnance Road Correctional Center is the County’s medium security for men and women who have been convicted and sentenced to terms up to 18 months. It also holds men and women who are awaiting trial. ORCC offers extensive programming designed to prepare inmates for successful re-entry to the community after they have completed their sentences. ORCC is designed to hold 432 inmates.
Section 9-607 of the Annotated Code of Maryland directs County Grand Juries to inquire into the operation and management of all State operated correctional facilities within their respective Counties and report all offenses and omissions of anyone therein or that relate to those facilities.
   The Grand Jury Report- Term 2011                            The Grand Jury Report- Term 2012

Correctional Facility Administrator
Mr. Martin is responsible for daily facility operations, planning, budget development and monitoring, hiring, and employee relations. He also oversees Security Operations of the facility.

CFA, William Martin

CFA-William Martin

Inmate Programs and Support Services

  • Community Programs: House Arrest, Daily Monitoring, Community Service, Library Services, Education, People Acquiring Skills for Success Program
  • Work Release Unit: Housing Unit E, Work Release Program, County Work Crews, Volunteer and Chaplain Services
  • Female Unit: Housing Unit C, County Work Crews, Work Release Program,  Parole and Probation Liaison, Substance Abuse Services
  • Transition Unit: Housing Unit D, Recreational Services, Video Bail Review Liaison


ACFA, Security operations,
Support Services and Inmate Programs

 Thomas Laue



For more information on facility programs, see Department of Detention Facilities Guide to Programs and Services


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