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Money and Property Matters

Inmate Accounts

Upon admission to the JRDC, a commissary account is established for each inmate with the Office of Inmate Accounting.  Any money that is collected during intake is deposited in an account to be used for Commissary purchases.  No deposits of any kind will be accepted from visitors. Please see FAQs from the Home page to learn about our Lobby Kiosks, online and phone deposit methods to deposit money on an Inmate’s account.

If the inmates needs to withdraw money from their account to send to a family member or friend, an Inmate Request Slip must be submitted to the Office of Inmate Accounting. Including an explanation of why you wish to make the withdrawal, the full name of the payee, and the exact amount of money to be withdrawn from the account.
A Case Manager will meet with the inmate to verify your request, obtain the address of the payee, and have the inmate sign a Check Authorization Form.  Upon approval, the check will be prepared and be mailed out within one week of when you signed the form.
The Commissary is operated on a non-cash basis.  Personal hygiene items, clothing and a variety of snack foods are available. Inmates are permitted one order per week
Indigent Inmates
Inmates at the Facilities without funds on the day commissary is processed will be considered “indigent.” Once per week, indigent inmates may order a Personal Hygiene Kit OR their choice of socks, t-shirts, briefs (men), or panties (women).  These items will be provided at no cost to the indigent inmate.  However, indigent inmates will be required to reimburse the Commissary for all other charges as funds are deposited.  Other charges may include postage, copier fees, medical fees, damaged property and fines.
 At the time of release, indigent inmates may request a bus token for the local transit system (during normal hours of operation) and/or access to a telephone to make collect calls
Clothing Exchange for Court
Arrangements can be made for family or friends to deliver personal clothing to wear to court.  One restriction: only hard-soled shoes will be accepted.  Before any clothing is exchanged or released,  a Release of Property form naming the person making the delivery must requested and approved.  When clothing is delivered, you will be required to show photo ID, and will be given the clothing stored in the inmates property bag in exchange for the items being left for the inmate.  A new inventory form will then be completed and forwarded to the inmate.  The newly receipted articles of clothing will be stored in the Inmate Property Room until the day of court appearance.
Inmates with District Court appearances will be transported and appear in court wearing Detention Center issued clothing.  Inmates with Circuit Court appearances may choose to wear personal clothing for their appearance.
***Clothing exchanges occur between 7:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. daily***



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