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Legal Services

Attorneys - Inmates awaiting trial are encouraged to exercise their right to counsel.  The inmate may retain a private attorney or  qualify for the services of the Office of Public Defender.  To apply, submit a Public Defender Request for Legal Services and an application will be taken by a Public Defender representative.  Please note:  even if represented by the Public Defender in other matters, inmates must reapply for services in each case.
The inmate may also communicate with their attorney by U.S. Mail. The addresses for Anne Arundel County Public Defender’s Offices are:
Law Library – The Library has a  wide array of legal materials available for use.  Inmates may submit a permitted Inmate Request Slip to the Librarian to use resources to conduct research.
Legal Mail – There are uncensored and unlimited mailing privileges to the Governor, Attorney General, County Executive, County Attorney, and any court of law or designated attorney.



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