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Detention Facilities Career Opportunities 



The Department has a wide variety of opportunities in security operations, administrative support, program services and support services. In this exciting and dynamic career, an individual can supervise the offender population as a Detention Officer, address programming issues as a Correctional Program Specialist, provide clerical support to managers and supervisors, meet the public as receptionists, develop accounting skills in the commissary and business office as a Management Assistant or Accounting Clerk, utilize the building trades as a Maintenance Mechanic, manage a legal and leisure library as a Librarian, assist in the recruitment and selection of new employees as an Office Support Specialist in Human Resources or supervise the laundry plant as Laundry Manager.

Additional information regarding employment opportunities is available on the Human Resources page, by visiting each facility and requesting information from the receptionists, or contacting the Superintendent's Office at (410) 222-7084.



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