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House Arrest

The House Arrest Alternative Sentencing Program (HAASP) was established in 1987 to provide a sentencing option for DWI offenders.  Since that time, the program has expanded to accept persons convicted of all offense types and pretrial defendants requiring intensive supervision.  HAASP offers enforcement of curfew requirements through the use of an “active” monitoring system.  Participants on the Program are equipped with an electronic monitoring device “bracelet” which transmits a continuous signal to a central monitoring unit.
Eligibility Criteria
  • Residence within a 50 mile radius of Anne Arundel County; AND
  • Must have and maintain acceptable telephone and electrical services; AND,
  • Ordered to the program by the District or Circuit Court of Anne Arundel County under one of the following conditions
    • As a condition of sentence to the Anne Arundel Department of Detention Facilities or
    • As a condition of pretrial commitment
    • As a condition of pretrial release
  • Approved by the Superintendent, or ORCC/JRDC Correctional Facility Administrator.
The elements of house arrest vary depending on the means by which an offender is placed on the program.

** For further information please see or "Guide to Programs and Services"

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