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General Information

Non- Discrimination Policy
It is the policy of the AACDF that a healthful, humane environment be provided to persons committed to its jurisdiction.  The AACDF prohibits discrimination with regard to programs, services, or activities on the basis of race, sex, religion, disability, national origin, or political belief.
All inmates are assured equal opportunity to participate in all institutional programs, and are provided equal administrative treatment.  No inmate will be required to participate in treatment programs, nor will refusal to participate constitute reason to penalize the inmate in any way. Inmates will be required to accept work assignments essential to support the operation, safety and maintenance of the institution.
Protection from Abuse
AACDF policy mandates that staff provide safe, healthful environment and that inmates be protected from corporal punishment, injury, personal and mental abuse, harassment, sexual assault and manipulation.
Smoking Policy
The AACDF prohibits all smoking, and considers all smoking products contraband, including matches and lighters.

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