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The following answer some of the basic questions inmates and their families and friends typically have regarding detention facility policies and procedures. If your question is not specifically addressed in this section, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the visitation schedule?
2. Are contact visits permitted?
3. Are there restrictions on who may visit an inmate?
4. Are there exceptions to the visiting schedule?
5. Are special accommodations available for visitors?
6. What are the guidelines for professional visitors?
7. Are telephones available in the housing units?
8. Can clothing be delivered for inmates?
9. Can food and hygiene items be purchased by inmates?
10. If an inmate does not have any money, is there any way he may receive Commissary items?
11. Are there restrictions to items that are mailed to individuals?
12. How may money be placed in an inmate’s account?
13. When released, does the inmate get the money in his account in cash?
14. What release options are available after a person is committed to the Detention Center?
15. Does bail get paid at the Detention Center?
16. Once bail is paid or the Court orders release, how long does it take for an inmate to be discharged?
17. What legal representation is available if an inmate cannot afford a private attorney?
18. What medical services are available to inmates?
19. Are mental health services available?
20. What programs are available to inmates?
21. Are there any volunteer opportunities at the Detention Center?
22. Do inmates have access to reading materials?
23. How can I block my phone number from being called by an inmate?
24. I am crime victim. How may I be notified of the offender's court appearance and release?
25. How are residents in the communities surrounding the facilities notified if an inmate escapes?



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