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Jr. Smart Water Saver Program

Junior Smart Water Saver is a program presented by the Department of Public Works, Customer Relations Division as part of their Water Conservation Public Education Initiative. The program is designed to teach 2nd - 4th grade children about the importance of water as a valuable and limited resource and to instill water saving habits at a young age. The program is available for presentation at Anne Arundel County Elementary Schools. The program includes discussion of the water purification process, the water cycle and water conservation. The instructors encourage open discussion, display posters, read stories and show a video illustrating how water is often wasted and can instead, be saved. Upon completion of the program, each class is presented with a Smart Water Saver Certificate and each child receives a school kit of water conservation related materials to encourage family participation in conservation at home.

Anyone interested in scheduling the program can contact Susan Casciato or Jeannette Maloney at (410) 222-7582. The program is supervised by Matt Diehl, DPW Customer Relations Manager. For further information, comments or suggestions, contact Customer Relations at (410) 222-7582.


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