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Department of Public Works - Watershed Protection and Restoration Program 

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Watershed Assessment and Planning Program

The Watershed Assessment and Planning Program (WAP)supplements water quality monitoring performed by the Ecological Assessment Program with additional stream and watershed baseline assessment measurements such as high resolution impervious and land cover datasets, urban stormwater information pertaining to treatment areas and performance measures, septic and stormwater infrastructure information, stream problem area inventory, in addition to other assessment data.  All assessment information are compiled and housed in the GIS interfaced Watershed Management Tool (WMT).  The WMT consists of several components. 
 The first component is a GIS-interfaced data repository in which all environmental data pertaining to waterways and land is stored, maintained, and updated.  A second component consists of several engineering models that are used to evaluate existing and future conditions of hydrology, hydraulics, and water quality.  A third component consists of a statistical model for performing exploratory correlation analysis to identity watershed stressors and their relationship to select watershed health indicators.  The final component is a rating and prioritization analysis for streams and subwatersheds.  This analysis is aimed at prioritizing restoration and preservation recommendation actions and includes a cost/benefit analysis, feasibility study, and development of conceptual plans.


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