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Watershed Implementation Plan Documents (Draft)

Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP)
Anne Arundel County Government has utilized the Watershed Management Tool to identify non-tidal watershed problem areas and restoration opportunities.  This information is intended for inclusion in a scenario Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP) model builder.  Information within this scenario model builder will assist stakeholders within Anne Arundel County in identifying collaboration opportunities to meet the overall Anne Arundel County TMDL allocation for the Chesapeake Bay.
  Files posted on this page are considered interim/early drafts and are solely published to facilitate inter-jurisdictional communication on areas of mutual interest.  These files should not be used for any other purpose and should not be construed as the adopted Anne Arundel County WIP or any portion thereof.  Questions concerning any information published on this page should be directed to:
Ginger Ellis, Planning Administrator
(410) 222-4240 (ext 3319)
Rick Fisher, Model Administrator
(410) 222-4240 (ext 3321)



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