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WPRF Appeal Program


The Watershed Protection and Restoration Fee (WPRF) Appeal Program is intended for property owners who feel that they have been billed in error. Property owners that feel their bill was assessed or calculated incorrectly may appeal their bill to the Department of Public Works.  Administrative appeals will be based on the following criteria:
  • Incorrect Zoning Classification of Real Property
  • Errors in Impervious Area Calculation for Non-Residential Property
  • Mathematical Errors in Calculation 
  • Real Property is Not Subject to the Charge
  • Property Owner is Exempt From the Charge
  • Errors in the Identification of the Property Owner

Please visit the WPRF Appeals FAQs page for more details.  For questions about the WPRF Appeal Program contact us at 410-222-4240 ext. 3322.

Appeal Forms
If you feel that your property has been assigned to an incorrect billing category or you feel there is an error in the calculation of your fee then you should file an Appeal using one of the following forms: 

Completed Appeal forms should be mailed to:


WPRF Appeals

Anne Arundel County DPW

MS 7310

2662 Riva Road

Annapolis, MD 21401


County Code stipulates the deadline to file an appeal is September 30 of the taxable year.

The Anne Arundel County Office of Finance offers a program to reduce or waive the WPRF fee (and also the Bay Restoration Fund) for property owners who meet certain financial hardship provisions.  Information and application forms for this program are available through the Office of Finance.   

Completed Financial Hardship forms should be mailed to:


Office of Finance

Utility Billing and Customer Service

P.O. Box 2700

MS 1103

Annapolis, MD 21404

When Should I use Form 13-1 "Residential Property" appeal application?
  • If you believe your property was categorized in the wrong Tier.

  • If you are a Tier 1 property but have less than 2,900 square feet of impervious surface

  • If you are a Tier 2 property but have less than 1,200 square feet of impervious surface

Properties in Tier 1 are those that are in zoning districts RA or RLD and that are improved with a single family detached dwelling.


Properties in Tier 2 are those that are in zoning districts R1, R2, or R5 and that are improved with a single family dwelling.


Properties in Tier 3 are those that are in zoning districts R10, R15, or R22 and that are improved by an attached dwelling or a single family dwelling, and also properties in zones RA, RLD, R1, R2, or R5 that are improved by an attached dwelling or is a mobile home space under a license issued by the County. Attached dwellings are those containing two dwelling units on top of one another, two units side by side, or townhomes.


Property owners may view their zoning districts on the digital map “Anne Arundel County Digital Zoning Layer” prepared by the Office of Planning and Zoning and adopted by the County Council. 

When Should I use Form 13-2 "Incorrect Classification of Property" appeal application?
If you believe your Stormwater Remediation Fee has been calculated incorrectly based on the classification found on your tax bill.
If the property is an incorporated or unincorporated Homeowners Association, Civil or Community Association, Council of Condominium Owners or similar entity and you think the fee should be capped based on the provisions of § 13-7-103 (g) of the County Code.
If you believe a mathematical error has been made in the fee calculation or there is an error in the calculation of impervious surface area.
When Should I use Form 13-5 "Exempt or Incorrect Property Owner" appeal form?

• If you believe you are not subject to the Stormwater Fee for one of the following reasons:

  • Property is in the City of Annapolis
  • Owned by the State of Maryland
  • Owned by a unit of State Government
  • Owned by a County
  • Owned by a Municipality
  • Owned by a regularly organized volunteer fire department that issued for public purposes
  • Unimproved property (contains no impervious surface area)

• If the person billed is not the record owner of the property


• If the property owner qualifies for a financial hardship exemption.  (See Form 13-6 "Financial Hardship" for required application)

When Should I use Form 13-6 "Financial Hardship" appeal form?
In order to qualify for the Financial Hardship Exemption you must meet the following eligibility requirements:
  • The Property must receive an individual real property tax bill

  • Certify they are an owner/occupant OR hold a lease or contract for the property

  • Applicants must meet 2 of the below conditions:

    • Receiving an energy assistance subsidy

    • Receiving a supplemental security income (SSI) or food stamps

    • Receiving veterans or social security disability benefits

    • Meet a monthly income criteria (see application)

If you think you qualify for a financial hardship, please use this form.  


All Residential Application for Stormwater Remediation Fee Financial Hardship Exemptions are reviewed by the Office of Finance.


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