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Watershed Protection and Restoration Fee (WPRF)


Everyone lives within a few miles of one of the countless streams, creeks and rivers that can be a direct pipeline from your home to the Bay.  In rain events, pollutants such as fertilizers, pet waste, motor oil, soapy water from car washing and septic tank overflow get washed into a nearby tributaries and eventually the Bay.  Stormwater runoff is the fastest-growing source of water pollution in Maryland.
In 2012, the State Legislature passed a law mandating that Maryland's 10 largest jurisdictions assess property owners a stormwater remediation fee to provide a dedicated source of revenue for the operating, maintenance and capital improvement expense of stormwater management programs regulated and required by the State and Federal governments. 
The Watershed Protection and Restoration Fee is identified as a separate line item on your real property tax bill.  Please look at the links below for more information about fee assessments and the overall program.  
Questions about the WPRF may also be directed to (410) 222-4240 ext. 3322. Inquiries and questions can also be submitted via email.
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