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WPRP Restoration Program




The Restoration Program utilizes a watershed based approach to restoring degraded stream systems to improve stream and wetland function, water quality, aquatic and riparian habitat to ensure the resilience of the County's environment for it's citizens, and to improve the health of our local waterways.  

This group is at the core of Anne Arundel County's program to meet Federal and State mandated pollutant load reductions required to achieve the Chesapeake Bay TMDL, including those local TMDLs established for Anne Arundel County's waterways, and impervious surface management requirements under Anne Arundel County's NPDES MS4 Permit.  The Program focuses on three key areas to meet these requirements: Stormwater Management Facility Retrofits; Storm Drain Outfall Repairs; and Stream and Wetland Restoration.  
The group is responsible for the following project management tasks:
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Prioritization and Project Selection
  • Design
  • Soliciting Community Input
  • Obtaining Federal, State and Local Permits
  • Private/Public Property Access Approval
  • Construction Oversight
  • As-Built Approval
  • Adaptive Management

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