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Restoration Activity Completion Report  

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Instructions for Completing the Webform:
Information entered on the form will be subject to review and field validation by the County and is intended to be aggregated in a comprehensive restoration database with other activities conducted within the County and throughout the State. Once the information is reviewed, validated, and accepted by the County in the restoration database, the County reserves the right to utilize this information for modeling, reporting, and distributing to environmental regulatory agencies.
This form may only be utilized to report on information that has been completed. Incomplete projects that are under planning or design shall not be entered on this form
You may be contacted by a member of the Watershed Protection and Restoration Program staff pertaining to validation questions about the entered activity.
Once reviewed and validated, information entered on this form will be posted to the WPRP Watershed Application,
Thank you for being an important part of the Bay restoration in Anne Arundel County. Your efforts to accurately report this work will provide important data about the success of current restoration initiatives in the County.
Image: Blue arrow Restoration Activity Completion Report Help Document - NOTE: On-line instructions are available for each section
Contact Information:
Watershed Steward Academy Affiliates, contact:

Suzanne Etgen, WSA Coordinator
Phone: (410) 222-3822
For general questions or to report problems contact:
Rick Fisher, Model Administrator
Phone: (410) 222-4240



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