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WPRP Ecological Assessment and Evaluation Program




The Ecological Assessment and Evaluation Program is responsible for the administration of the County’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System -- Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (NPDES MS-4) permit, the Town Center Surface Water Monitoring Program, and the County’s Biological Monitoring Program.  Staff assigned to these programs work closely with other County agencies to provide interpretation and implementation of these programs within the confines of State and County law.  Staff also provide review and guidance on County project implementation and policy development where the potential exists for the normal business practices of these agencies to affect the County’s natural resources.  The program works to minimize the impacts such that resource protection is balanced with the necessity of executing projects that will maintain and improve the quality of life for County residents.  The program initiates special studies, projects, and assessments to document and monitor the current condition of the County’s natural resources.

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