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Telephone Numbers to Know

Telephone Numbers To Know

Recycling or Trash Collection

(410) 222-6100

Bulk Item Collection

(410) 222-6100

Customer Service

(410) 222-6100

Recycling and Trash Facilities
Northern Recycling Center

(410) 222-6118

Central Recycling Center

(410) 222-6108

Millersville Landfill and Resource Recovery Facility

(410) 222-6108

Southern Recycling Center

(410) 222-1946

Household Hazardous Waste

(410) 222-7951


(410) 222-7951

Additional Contacts 
Billing Services

 see website

Business Recycling Inquiries

(410) 222-7951

Oil, Gas or Hazardous Material Spills

see website

Removal of Dead Animals

see website

Recycling and Wsate Reduction Division

(410) 222-7951

Roadside Litter

see website

Roadside Dumping in Progress

see website

Waste Management Services Adm. Offices

(410) 222-6108

Anyone requiring special assistance in accessing programs and services of the Department of Public Works should notify us five (5) working days in advance by calling (410) 222-7052 (voice) or (410) 222-4355 (TDD).
Other Resources
Maryland Department of Environment

Recycling (410) 537-3315
Solid Waste (410) 537-3375
Hazardous Waste (410) 537-3343

Maryland Dept. of Environment


EPA Wastewise

Northeast Maryland Waste 
Disposal Authority

Commercial Recycling Assistance

National Recycling Coalition

The ULS Report

U.S. Book Exchange


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