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Community Clean-up

This service provides dumpsters to assist in clean up projects for your community. The service is available March through November and must be requested in writing by your community association.
Community Clean Up Program Guidelines
Participating communities receive one clean up per year, between March and November.
  1. Deliver dumpsters before noon on the first day of the Clean Up.
  2. Check the dumpsters daily.
  3. Remove unacceptable material from the dumpsters.
  4. Remove dumpsters if there is a violation.
  5. Remove dumpsters by 8:00 a.m.
  6. Maintain Community Representatives’ mailing list.
  1. Select a reasonable location for the Community Clean Up. The selected location must allow access by a very large truck, including room to turn around.  Very narrow roads, low bridges or overhead wires will present problems. Areas that become muddy when it rains will also cause problems. We cannot place dumpsters on public roads, thoroughfares, cul-de-sacs, parking areas, or in any other location that might impede traffic. The property that will be used for the Community Clean Up may suffer minor damage (wheel tracks, ruts, dead vegetation, etc.) from delivering and picking up dumpsters, and by people unloading waste. The Community is responsible for making any arrangements with the property owner.
  2. Monitor the dumpsters. The community must ensure that dumpsters are not overloaded (things sticking out of the top or preventing the door from closing) and that no unacceptable material is placed in them.
  3. Removal of any unacceptable material placed in the dumpsters, or left after the Clean Up is over will be the responsibility of the community. 
  4. Traffic direction during the Clean Up, if necessary.
  5. Reporting full dumpsters or problems to the County. Please call (410) 222-6100, ext. 3009 during the week. If you need to contact someone on Saturday, please call (410) 222-6177 ext. 3013 (Scalehouse).
  1. Overloading - It is unsafe to transport a dumpster that has material sticking out of the top, or if the door won’t close properly. If the dumpsters become overloaded, we will dump enough material on the ground to allow safe transport, and we will remove the dumpsters from your Clean Up.
  2. Allowing unacceptable material in the dumpsters - Certain materials require special disposal, and therefore cannot be accepted in a dumpster. 
For more information on the Community Clean Up Program, call (410) 222-6100.



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