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Features of Waste Management Services

As a Curbside Customer of Waste Management Services, you are provided with a variety of options that allow you to reduce, reuse, and recycle with a minimum of effort. Your annual fees support these programs:


At Home Curbside Customers Receive:

  • Weekly collection of trash, including up to 3 bulky items
  • Weekly collection of paper, plastic, metal and glass for recycling
  • Weekly collection of yard waste for recycling
  • Scheduled collection of large metal items 

We also provide:

  • Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off Events 
  • Residential recycling centers for recycling and trash drop-off
  • Disposal of solid waste and recycling of materials collected
  • Landfill for commercial customers and large loads 
  • Recycling and educational programs and tours for children and adults
  • Assistance with backyard composting 
  • Assistance in locating agencies that accept, and may collect, reusable goods (including bulk items) 
  • Help in locating disposal options for items not currently handled by County programs
  • Electronics recycling program

Your annual fees also support the daily operation of the Millersville Landfill and Resource Recovery Facility and Recycling Centers, the environmental monitoring programs at Millersville and the closed landfills in Glen Burnie and Sudley, and construction of new landfill capacity at the Millersville facility.

Important landfill features include:

  • Collection and pretreatment of leachate 
  • Ground water monitoring
  • Surface water monitoring
  • Landfill gas control and monitoring
  • A double liner system with disposable cells 
  • Covering of closed disposal areas with a geo-membrane cap  
  • A fund for closure and post-closure monitoring

Waste Management Services Also Provides Planning For:

  • Customer Delivery Systems and Service
  • Land Preservation
  • Customer Outreach
  • Solid Waste Management Plan
  • New Program Development

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