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          Central Recycling Center

389 Burns Crossing Road; Severn, MD 21144
Monday -  Saturday  8:00 a.m. - 4 :00 p.m.
Closed ALL Holidays
(410) 222-6108

 Items Accepted from Residents

 Safety and Visitor Tips

Please Note: Solid waste delivered in a dump truck, flatbed truck, stake body truck, box truck, rental truck or rental trailer, or double-axle trailer will not be accepted at the Central Recycling Center.  ยง 13-4-107 of the County Code requires that solid waste delivered in those specific vehicles be charged at the rate of $75/ton.  The Millersville Landfill is the only waste disposal facility that is equipped to weigh trucks, assess fees, and collect payment.

Residential customers welcome. A maximum of 5 minutes unloading time is allowed for each material.  All customers must be off site 15 minutes after closing.
You must show an Anne Arundel County driver's license and vehicle registration. Your license will verify Anne Arundel County residency, and registration will indicate whether it is a commercial vehicle.
Non-residential customers may ONLY bring paper, plastic, metal, and glass recyclables to the recycling center free of charge.  Click here for the list of recyclable items accepted from businesses at our recycling centers.  Trash and yard waste from a business are not permitted. 
Material Available to Residents at the Recycling Center
Please Note: Residents must sign and complete a Release of Liability form before obtaining material.
Rubble:  Is available for County residents and is free on a first-come, first-served basis, and must be loaded by residents. To avoid inconvenience, call (410) 222-6177 before making a trip; quantities may vary.

From Route 32, take the exit for Burns Crossing Road to the traffic light. At this traffic light, turn right on to Burns Crossing Road. Travel approximately 1/4 mile to another traffic light at Pascal Blvd; this is the entrance to the landfill portion of the facility. Continue on Burns Crossing Road approximately 100 yards and turn right into the entrance of the Central Recycling Center.

Area Map to the Central Recycling Center Icon: PDF




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