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Current Utility Rates 


Metered Service
$2.76/1,000 gals
$4.85/1,000 gals

County Council Bill 73-15 was approved to lower utility rates as of September 1, 2015.  The new rates are below. 

$2.70/1,000 gals
$4.74/1,000 gals

Capital Facility Connection Recoupment

(increased July 1, 2015)


$3.22/1,000 gals exceeding  30,000 gal quarterly limit

This fee is to recoup lost revenue from customers exceeding 30,000 gallons of  the 250 gal/day maximum usage limits of the residential capital facility connection charge.


Environmental Protection


25% of all water charges
Wastewater25% of all wastewater charges
This fee covers the cost of building, expanding and maintaining water and wastewater treatment plants that service the existing connected customers.
*does not apply to the Mayo Service area
Account Maintenance
Metered Accounts $6/bill
This fee covers the cost of meter reading and billing services.
State of Maryland Bay Restoration
Residential $15/bill


(quarterly bill)



(bi-monthly bill) 

$10 per EDU*
*Equivalent Dwelling Unit

Unmetered Service



Mayo Service Area


Fee based on an average of 16,000 gallons per quarter.  
Account Maintenance
Unmetered Accounts$3/bill
This fee covers the cost of meter reading and billing services.
State of Maryland Bay Restoration




(billed quarterly)


 $15 per EDU*


(billed bi-monthly) 

$10 per EDU*
*Equivalent Dwelling Unit

A 10% late fee is added to the bill if payment is not received by the net due date.

Turn Off/On Charge

If payment is not received by due date and account is scheduled to be turned off, a $50 fee to cover administrative costs is charged.  Once the account is scheduled for turn off, ALL payments must be paid in cash, certified check or money order at the County Cashier’s office in Glen Burnie, Annapolis or Heritage Complex on Riva Road or on-line at

Meter readers and Emergency Services crews may not accept payments or make extensions


Final Bills: For property transfers and changes in tenancy, a final bill will be prepared for $35.00

Meter Reread Request Fee: Request to reread and verify meter reading is $35.00 per request. If the reading is incorrect, the charge will be waived.

Returned Check Fee: A fee of $25 will be rendered for any check returned by the bank unpaid.

Readings from Private Water Companies: In some areas, the County provides wastewater service, but water is provided by a private company. In those cases, the County wastewater charge is based on the water consumption as reported to the County by the private company.

Estimated Bills: Occasionally, it is impossible to read a meter at the scheduled time - usually due to inclement weather conditions. In such cases, an estimated bill is rendered based on the average consumption for the prior year. Estimated bills may be a little higher or lower if actual usage was abnormal, however, the next actual reading will automatically adjust for any variation in the estimate.


     24 Hour Emergency Services410-222-8400  South County 410-451-4118
Billing questions (M-F, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)

410-222-1144 (local)


410-970-8250, Ext. 1144 (Wash, D.C.)

24 Hour Emergency Services410-222-8400
 410-451-4118 (from South County)
DPW Emergency services will not restore service if it was turned off for non-payment.
Customer Relations (M-F, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)410-222-7582


























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