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Obtaining Water and Sewer Service

To obtain public water and/or wastewater service, a majority (51%) of property owners from where the system currently exists to where the proposed new service area ends, must petition for the service. A property is defined as all properties improved and unimproved. The Financial Services Division validates the petition by verifying that all the property owners on the deed have actually signed the petition and that the signatures were witnessed. The ownership of each property is verified against the data in the Consolidated Property File.
After the petition is validated by the Financial Services Division, a preliminary feasibility study will be conducted by our Bureau of Engineering. This will determine the feasibility of providing the service and develop a cost analysis to assure the project will be self-supporting by the property owners. A public meeting will be held with the community to discuss the outcome of this study.
The Bureau of Utility Operations is a public enterprise system, which means it must be self-supporting and does not receive tax dollars to operate. Water and wastewater projects resulting from petitions must be self-supporting. The cost of extending service is borne by the abutting property owners through a front foot benefit assessment and user connection charges.
The Financial Services Division determines the amount of the front foot assessment by adding the front (abutting) property dimension to the rear dimension and dividing the total by two. The assessment is placed on the property for a period of thirty (30) years and transfers with the sale of the property. There are several other methods used to determine assessment for other types of property such as those involving large acreage and commercial property.
The projected estimated cost will determine if the extension can be funded from the Routine Extension Fund, or if a request has to be included in the capital budget program. If the cost is less than $250,000 for a water or wastewater project, the funding comes from the Routine Extension Account, and the go ahead is given to proceed with the project, providing the project is self-supporting. Estimated project costs exceeding the $250,000 limit must be part of the Capital Improvement Program, and requires approval from the County Executive and the County Council. Until funds are approved in a fiscal budget, the project is considered on hold.
Below is a list of the charges and what they are used for:
  • Capital Facility Connection Charge - This charge recovers the cost of constructing the water and sewage treatment plants, the major pumping stations and the conveyance facilities other than the lateral lines
  • Environmental Protection Fee - This charge covers the cost of upgrading capital facilities and is a part of your quarterly bill
  • User Connection Charge - This charge recovers the cost of constructing the service line between the property line and main pipeline including the cost of the water connections
  • Front Foot Benefit Assessment Charge - This charge is used to recover the County‚Äôs cost of constructing the water and sewer lateral lines including grinder pumps and pumping stations when needed
Residential Property (Effective: January 1, 2012)
Capital Facility Charge$5,500
User Connection$2,100
Capital Facility Charge$7,300
User Connection$3,400
Water and Wastewater Service Rate Schedule
Customer Relations will be glad to mail you a petition form, a sample of a completed petition and an overview of the process. Contact us at (410) 222-7582 for information.
Obtaining Water and Wastewater Services - Detailed Description of Process
You can petition two properties or two-hundred. It is up to the property owners petitioning, how far they want the service to be extended.
Each project varies in completion time based on the availability of capital project funds and size and complexity of the project. A small project can take up to two years and a larger project involving a whole community could take five to eight years or possibly longer.
If you need assistance in completing a petition, please contact the Financial Services Division at (410) 222-7517.


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