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Obtaining Water and Sewer Service

The Bureau of Utility Operations operates as a public enterprise fund within County government and is not supported by tax dollars.  This County government agency is self-supporting and funded solely by the fees and charges paid by customers benefiting from the service.
Petition Process
A majority (51%) of property owners from where the system currently exists to where the proposed new service area ends, must petition the County for service (Detailed Description of Process).  Water and wastewater projects resulting from petitions must also be self-supporting.  The cost of all petition projects will be borne by the abutting property owners through front foot benefit assessments and user connection charges.
The majority of petition projects must be included in the Capital Improvement Program.  All capital projects require approval from the County Executive and the County Council.  



Residential Property

Connection Fees

Capital Facility Charge$7,900
User Connection$2,100
Capital Facility Charge$8,300
User Connection$3,400


Utility Rate Schedule


Connection and User Charges

Capital Facility Connection - recovers cost to construct treatment plants, major pumping stations and conveyance facilities (lateral lines excluded).

Environmental Protection - covers cost of upgrading facilities (part of your quarterly bill).

User Connection - recovers cost of constructing service lines from property to main. Water connection cost included.

Front Foot Benefit Assessment - Recovers cost of constructing water/sewer lateral lines.  Includes grinder pumps and pumping stations when needed.

Petition forms are available on the DPW website.  Contact DPW Financial Services Division at 410-222-7517 for further assistance

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