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Department of Public Works - Utilities - Biosolids Environmental Management Syste 

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Patuxent WRF – Biosolids Environmental Management System (EMS)

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Welcome to the Patuxent Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) Biosolids EMS Webpage. This page and its links will help to describe Anne Arundel County's continuing efforts to improve our excellent biosolids management program.
There are 7 WRFs and we will be adding each one to this webpage, so check back for updates. If you have any questions about our EMS program, please contact  Noelle Anuszkiewicz at (410) 222-7931.
What are biosolids?
Biosolids are solid organic matter recovered from a sewage process and used especially as fertilizer.
What is an Environmental Management System (EMS) for Biosolids?
An EMS is a system of setting goals for producing biosolids and continually measuring our performance to ensure excellent quality, compliance, environmental performance and good public relations.
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