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The Cost of Compliance 

Environmental Protection Agency Chesapeake Bay Program Total Maximum Dail Load
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency established the Chesapeake Bay Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) in 2010.  The Program, also know as the "Bay Pollution Diet" is a comprehensive plan for Chesapeake Bay Watershed states with rigorous accountability measures to restore clean water in the Bay and the region’s streams, creeks and river.  The Bay TMDL is designed to ensure that all pollutant control measures needed to fully restore the Bay and its tidal rivers are in place by 2025, with practices in place by 2017 to meet 60 percent of the necessary pollution reductions. 
According to the EPA, the framework for accountability is the Watershed Implementation Plans (WIP) developed by counties and municipalities.  WIP documents serve as roadmaps for how and when a jurisdiction plans to meet the required pollutant allocations under the Bay TMDL.  The table below shows the projects provides the County's WIP identified projects for stormwater management and the associated yearly and total cost.  

WIP Identified Projects

Annual Costs

Total Costs (2025)
Stream & Wetland Restoration$27,910,000$334,954,000
Stormwater Pond Retrofits$  6,880,000$334,954,000
Stormwater Outfall Rehab$32,210,000$386,533,000
Other Related Projects$  3,280,000$  39,360,000
Stormwater Infrastructure Maint$  6,970,000$  51,400,000
NPDES MS4 Permit
In November 1990, the United States Environmental Protection Agency issued final regulations requiring National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permits.  The Maryland Department of Environment administers the federal permit requirements intended to reduce and eliminate pollution from rainfall runoff, which flows through storm drain systems to local streams, ponds, and other waterways.
In 1993, Anne Arundel County became one of the first jurisdictions to receive a Phase I NPDES MS4 permit.  The Department of Public Works is the lead agency tasked with ensuring compliance with permit conditions.
The table below details the estimated annual cost incurred by the County to comply with the NPDES MS4 permit.  

NPDES MS4 Permit Obligation

Est. Cost

Pollutant Source Identification


Management Programs

Stormwater Management Program

Erosion and Sediment Control Program

Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Program

Trash and Litter Program

Property Management and Maintenance Program

Public Education and Outreach


Watershed Restoration Plans & Total Maximum Daily Loads

Watershed Assessments

Restoration Plans

TMDL Compliance


Assessment of Controls


Program Funding


Program Review

Annual Progress Report

Permit Reapplication


Total Estimated Cost to Comply with MS4 Permit 


Additional administrative and debt service

$  8,131,305

Annual estimate operating revenue required

To view yearly NPDES MS4 Permit reports and learn more about the County's successful efforts to implement MS4 Permit requirements, visit the Department of Public Works Watershed Ecosystems and Restoration Services NPDES MS4 Permit page

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