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What to Expect

In winter months, as soon as snow begins to accumulate, equipment is dispatched to service main and collector roadways. Main and collector roads will be plowed to bare pavement. Our next priority will be insuring residential roads are passable. Passable means that although the road may be snow-covered or snow-packed, at least one travel lane will be accessible with a front-wheel drive car. All-weather tires are a must. If our snowplow driver determines that your street meets our definition of passable, no further service will be provided. For more information regarding our service levels during inclement weather, please view our Travel Guide
Bare Pavement       Passable
During a typical storm (under 4 inches), snow removal operations on County-maintained roadways should be completed within 24-36 hours after the end of the storm. In order to meet these published levels of service, County forces are supplemented with contractor forces. The County currently has a fleet of 72 dump trucks and 84 other pieces of snow removal equipment that can be used during a winter storm response. This includes heavy construction equipment such as road graders, skid steer loaders, and backhoes that would only be used for snow removal under the most severe winter conditions. Our fleet is supplemented with approximately 150 pieces of contractor-owned snow removal equipment. This contractor fleet is on retainer with Anne Arundel County and is available for any winter operation. However, during a declared blizzard emergency, Anne Arundel County forces, even supplemented by contractor forces, may not meet our Travel Guideā€™s published levels of service.
During significant storm events (over 4" of accumulation), our Department Operations Center is activated. It is staffed around the clock to coordinate County-wide snow removal operations and can activate its own Call Center to assist in answering citizen concerns if call volumes dictate.

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