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Heritage Complex
2662 Riva Road
Annapolis, MD. 21401
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Department of Public Works - Highways 

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Street Sweeping

Anne Arundel County's street sweeping program is designed to keep debris out of storm drains, our creeks, rivers and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay. We remove an estimated 950 tons of debris each year using two (2) street sweepers.
Sweeping Schedule
Our neighborhood streets are relatively clean because of the work of conscientious residents who assist us by keeping the areas in front of their homes free of litter and debris. Residential streets are not included in our program for routine street sweeping.
Main thoroughfares, business districts and industrial areas are scheduled for street sweeping four (4) times per year. We target arterial, major collector and roads in business districts for routine sweeping. This allows us to capture the most debris for each available hour of street sweeping effort.
To view the list of roads included in the street sweeping program, please click on this link. Inclement weather, equipment maintenance requirements and associated downtime, and responses to road cleanup emergencies can disrupt our planned work. We thank our customers for their understanding.


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