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Roadside Maintenance

Roadside maintenance is performed by our three Road Districts and consists of the following services:
Brush Cutting - Cutting brush in the County Right-of-way.
Curb and Gutter Repair - Minor repair of curb and gutter along County-maintained streets. If the repairs required warrant curb/gutter replacement, the request is prioritized based on the severity of the problem. As funds become available, the curb/gutter is replaced according to their ranking on this list.
Evictions - If debris from an eviction is left in the County‚Äôs right-of-way for longer than 48 hours, we will arrange for removal of the debris in accordance with Article 13, Section 1-106, of the Anne Arundel County Code.
Guardrail Repair - Repair of guardrail along County-maintained roads.
Leaf Removal/Recycling - Help keep ditches and curblines free of leaves.
Litter/Debris Removal - Help keep roadways, stormwater inlets and ditches free of litter and debris. Litter and debris is picked up along all County-maintained roadways. Litter and/or debris must be within the County right-of-way. If the litter/debris is on private property, removal is the responsibility of the property owner. Certain types of litter, such as excessive household litter on a private lot, can be addressed by the Health Department by calling (410) 222-7364. Larger pieces of debris, such as old furniture on a private lot, can be addressed by calling the Zoning  Enforcement Office at (410) 222-7446. Removal of animal carcasses on the road or roadside can be addressed by calling Animal Control Services at (410) 222-8900.
Roadside Mowing - Cutting grass/weeds in the County right-of-way or on County-owned lots.
Road Shoulder Maintenance - Putting road shoulders back on grade so that water drains properly along the County right-of-way.
Sidewalk Repair - The maintenance and repair of sidewalks is the responsibility of the property owner in  accordance with Article 13, Section 2-205, of the Anne ArundelCounty Code. The County will only repair sidewalks that have been damaged by the County. Information on how to protect your sidewalk.
Storm Debris - How Public Works Responds to Severe Weather.
Tree Trimming - Trimming trees in the County right-of-way.
Weeded Lots - Overgrown Grass/noxious weeds on private property.
To request any of these services, please contact the appropriate road district. The road districts are open from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.
For after hours emergencies, please call (410) 222-6120 for all road districts.



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