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Department of Public Works - Highways - Resources 

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Brush Cutting - Cutting or trimming brush, branches or small trees within the County right-of -way. 

Culvert and Closed Storm Drains - The Bureau of Highway's is responsible for the inventory, inspection and maintenance of the County's culverts and closed storm drain system.      

Curb and Gutter Repair - The Bureau of Highway's is responsible for the maintenance and installation of the county - wide concrete and asphalt curbs and gutters.    
Ditch/Curb and Gutter Cleaning - The County maintenance of it's ditch's and gutter lines.

Drain Pipe Cleaning - Pipe cleaning work on County owned storm drain pipes.
Drainage Construction - Drainage construction work on County - maintained property.
Drain Pipe Repair and Replacement - The County activity of repairing and replacing any of the County owned drain pipes.

Emergency Storm Drain Program - Flooding and water ponding problems caused by storm runoff from County - maintained roadways.

Erosion Control - Preventing erosion and reducing water pollution is one of the highest priorities within the County.
Evictions - Explanation of the Anne Arundel County eviction process.

Flood Plain - A map outlining flood plain locations County - wide.

Flooding Inland and Costal -Anne Arundel County is vulnerable to various types of flooding during certain storm conditions.
Guardrail Repair, Replacement and Installation - Repairing and replacing guardrail along County - maintained roadways.
Guardrail Vegitation Management - The annual herbicede spraying program to control noxious weeds & invasive species along select segments of guardrail. 

Gypsy Moth Suppression Program - This program is achieved through the selection of integrated pest management standards and decision process

Landlords - Important information for Landlords in Anne Arundel County.

Leaf Removal - The why, where and how of leaf removal and recycling.

Litter/Debris Removal - Removal and disposing of litter along County - maintained roadways.

Neighborhood Traffic Control & Guidelines - To provide a general overview of the process which Anne Arundel County uses to address traffic concerns in residential areas.

Pavement Markings - Are designed to provide guidance and information to motorist using County - maintained roadways.

Pothole Repair - Types of repair activities to surface defects on County - maintained roadways.

Rain Gardens - Information on Rain Gardens and guidance on their installation.

Right-of- Way Permits - Information on how to obtain a permit to undertake work within a County right - of - way.

Road Abandonment Program - Returning improved public roads to private ownership.

Road Acceptence Program - Allows a community to petition the County to accept an established private roadway into the County's' road maintenance system.

Road Districts - Anne Arundel County Road Operations Maintenance Districts.

Road Side Mowing - Mowing vegetation along County maintained roadsides, medians, slopes, ditches and guardrail.

Road Shoulder Maintenance - Road Operation Districts maintain road shoulders where present, 
on County maintained roadways.

Road Resurfacing/Reconstruction - The County Pavement Management Program deals with inventory, inspection and resurfacing/reconstruction of County maintained roadways.

Sidewalk Repair - County Code and policy involving maintenance and repair of sidewalks within the  County right - of - way.

Snow Removal - Information on policy, planning and executing winter operation activities.

Storm Debris - The aftermath of rainstorms, floods, hurricanes, wind and ice storms.

Storm Drain Cleaning - The activity of cleaning storm drains to reduce the sediment traveling to the bay.

Storm Drain Repair - Making necessary repairs to storm drain inlets and manholes on County maintained property.

Stormwater Management Facilitation - Information and maintenence activities on various facilities on County maintained property.

Street Lights - The installation and maintenence of street lights along County - maintained roads.

Street Sweeping List - The County's Street Sweeping Program is designed to keep debris out of
storm drains, creeks, rivers and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay.

Traffic Operations - Traffic Engineering is responsible for regulating traffic, parking, bicyle and pedestrian operations on County maintained roadways.

Tree Service - Tree trimming, removal, tree debris, tree planting and tree replacement on County roads.

Traffic Signals - Traffic Control Devices and their design and installation.

Traffic Signs - Traffic signs that are used along County maintained roadways.

Weeded Lots - Enforcement of the Weeded Lot Law and information on the County Code.



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