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How to Apply for a Right-of-Way Permit

Step 1: Complete Permit Application
a) Fill in Owner Information - Please be sure to provide a project contact name and telephone number
b) Fill in Contractor Information - Please be sure to include license number
c) Fill in Work Information - Describe all activity in paved and unpaved areas of public the right-of-way
d) Fill in Location Information - Identify every street you impact
Step 2: Provide Two Sets of Dimensioned Drawings/Design Prints
a) Clearly Illustrate Your Proposed Work
b) Identify All Streets, Driveway Entrances & Sidewalks
c) Provide Detailed Measurements of Proposed Work Area (i.e. length/width of entrance, road, trench, bore, pit, aerial)
Step 3: Fee Payment (Payment Does Not Mean A Permit Has Been Granted)
In Person:
a) Review application with staff and determine applicable fees
b) Take a completed cash receipt and check for the amount due, made payable to Anne Arundel County, to the County Cashier in Building 2664, 1st Floor
c) Return the validated cash receipt to Right-of-Way Permits, 2662 Riva Road, 3rd Floor, Suite 310
* Permit Fees for BGE, Broadstripe, Comcast, & Verizon are billed directly to the utility.



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