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Residents and businesses can help make our jobs safer and easier during a winter storm.
Dos and Don'ts
DO call 911 for a bona fide emergency such as a need for police, fire or ambulance service. For scheduled health related medical attention (dialysis, oxygen, etc.), call the Office of Emergency Management at (410) 222-0600. This office also provides transportation of essential medical personnel.
DO be patient. We prioritize our plowing operations to get you moving as quickly as possible. We start with main and collector roads, problem intersections, and steep hills and severe curves in communities. We then continue on to the remaining residential streets.
DO park your vehicles in your driveway if at all possible. On-street parking is one of the biggest challenges our snowplow drivers face. If our snowplow drivers feel they cannot safely access your street, no service will be provided. If off-street parking is not available, it is strongly recommended that you park your vehicles on one side of the road to insure accessibility for our snowplow drivers. This is especially important on hills, dead-ends, and cul-de-sacs.
Inaccessible Street
Courtesy of C.Hall, Maryland Gazette
DO clear your sidewalk of any snow accumulation. Snow removal on sidewalks, driveways, and entrances is the responsibility of the homeowner. In many instances, these sidewalks are used by children as school walking routes. Your neighbors will thank you. 
DO review our goal for cul-de-sac clearing strategy which is distributed to County employees and contractors, available on the DPW Snow Information. 
DO caution your children to stay clear of snow removal equipment.
DO know that Anne Arundel County only plows County-owned roads. We do not have a program for plowing State roads, private roads or parking areas in private communities. Any road with a route number is the responsibility of the State Highway Administration. You can contact them at (410) 841-1002
DO volunteer for the Snow Patrol to assist the elderly and disabled citizens of Anne Arundel County by contacting the Volunteer Center for Anne Arundel at 410-897-9207. For more information about the Snow Patrol, please visit their web site at
DO make sure trash and recycling containers are visible.
DON’T leave your empty trash can, recycling bins, or other obstacles in the street. Our drivers thank you for helping them to perform their job safely.
DON’T place snow from sidewalks or driveways in the street. Placing snow in the street could contribute to a greater amount of snow being pushed toward your property as the plow passes by.
Winter Weather Tips
Have vehicles properly winterized, equipped with snow tires or chains, and carry a "survival kit" in your vehicle consisting of blankets, candles, matches, non-perishable foods, drinking water, protective clothing, sand (or other traction material) and a shovel. Eliminate all non-essential travel during storms.
Maintain a full tank of gas if travel during adverse weather is absolutely necessary.
Check for the proper operation of home emergency equipment, such as battery operated radios, flashlights, emergency heating sources, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers. Have furnaces, wood burning stoves and fireplaces checked for safe operation and have chimneys cleaned. Always dispose of fireplace ashes in an approved metal container, not in a plastic or paper bag or unapproved container.
Store some non-perishable foods for use in emergencies and keep an adequate supply of medications and baby supplies on-hand if needed.
Plan to prevent water pipes from freezing during periods of intense cold by properly insulating pipes or draining water from exposed pipes. As a last resort, maintain minimum water flow to prevent freezing.
Wear proper clothing for weather conditions. Several layers of loose fitting, warm clothing are better than one thick garment. Wear hats and mittens or gloves when exposed to the cold.
Those with a medical condition should maintain an adequate supply of essential medications.
Pace physical activity, such as snow shoveling or pushing cars. Regardless of age or physical condition, avoid over-exertion. Elderly persons should be cautious in attempting snow removal.

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