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Bureau of Highways Overview

The Bureau of Highways is responsible for all maintenance activities associated with the County’s 6,300 roads, or approximately 3,600 lane miles, of Anne Arundel County’s transportation system. This length is approximately equal to the driving distance between Key West, Fl and Seattle, Wa. These activities include road and roadside maintenance, storm drain system maintenance, snow and ice removal, storm water management pond maintenance, and streetlights. Traffic control signalization, signage, and road markings are also the responsibility of the Bureau.
The Bureau of Highways does not have jurisdiction over privately owned roads, storm drain systems, or storm water management ponds. In addition, the Bureau does not have jurisdiction over property outside of the County-maintained road right-of-way limits.
The Bureau schedules and plans its work based on priority.  The goal is to balance citizen response with planned, preventive, and corrective maintenance. The Bureau’s service delivery order of priorities is (1) safety, (2) preservation of assets (infrastructure), (3) user comfort and convenience, and (4) aesthetics. Productivity performance standards have been established for all types of work. 



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