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Bureau of Engineering

A list of maps, publications in digital and paper formats, and services is available.
Interactive mapping and geographic information for Anne Arundel County is now available from a County website.
Record Drawings of County Owned Infrastructure
MGI Records, Research and Retention maintains record drawings of County-owned infrastructure such as water, sewer, roads and storm drains. These drawings contain detailed information relating to the location, depth, size, material, elevation and percent of grade of the previously mentioned infrastructure. The drawings are maintained as permanent records.
Title Information Relating to County Roads and Easements
MGI Records, Research and Retention maintains title information of deeds, easements and record plats relating only to County-owned real estate property rights. This office has the best available records to authenticate county ownership.
How To Locate Your Cleanout
If you need to locate your cleanout stempipe to deal with a sewer line blockage, the following may be helpful. The cleanout is a capped pipe, usually, but not always, located near the property line that rises from your sewer line to about 4-inches above ground level.  
As a property owner, you are responsible for your cleanout.  
If the cleanout is buried, a registered plumber should be able to locate and raise it for you. If it is hidden, you may be able to find it by visiting the Engineering Records Website or by calling the DPW File room at (410) 222-7049.  The DPW File Room is located at:
2662 Riva Road, 2nd Floor
Annapolis, Maryland 21401



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