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Mill Creek Sewer Pumping Station Upgrades

Weekly Project Updates

As of August 18, 2014

Site Work
By-pass operations, 24 hours a day until plant online- current projection October 2014
Diesel fuel delivery, Monday, Wednesday and Friday (tanker truck)
Portable toilet service, Thursday (tanker truck)
Backfill force main and valve vault work continuing by Contractor (workforce & vehicles)
Continue to install underground by-pass piping by Contractor (workforce & vehicles)
Shoring de-mobilization from site Tuesday 8/19/2014 (expect trucks to be moving in and out)
Building Modifications
Install conduit and wire by Contractor (workforce & vehicles)


The Mill Creek Sewer Pumping Station in Arnold was built in 1970 and currently serves 12,900 properties.  The station is designed to handle 10.8 million gallons of wastewater per day (MGD).  The facility collects wastewater from 44 upstream pumping stations, 147 miles of gravity sewer mains and 31 miles of force mains.  The current average dailly flow is 3 MGD with a peak flow of 7.2 MGD. However, it is designed to handle 10.8 MGD.  
The facility was upgraded in 1992 with the addition of a third pump.  


Anne Arundel County has invested $9 million to upgrade the Mill Creek Sewer Pumping Station to minimize the amount of sanitary sewer overflows and improve the operations and reliability of the 44-year-old facility.  The mechanical and electrical components and remote monitoring controls will be replaced or upgraded.  Other upgrades are designed to limit the amount of overflows during power outages and the volume of wastewater lost during an overflow.  


  • All new mechanical and electrical components
Mill Creek Overflow Presentation
Director Chris Phipps Letter to the Editor
MDE Sanitary Sewer Overflow Database
Project ManagerVahid Tayebi
Phone number410-222-7537
ContractorNorair Enigneering
Total Cost$9.6 million
Notice to ProceedApril 2013
Completion (Est) December 2014
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  • Expanded wastewater overflow well storage
  • New permanent generator 
  • An independently powered bypass pump


  • Improve reliability and operations for facillity.
  • New overflow storage expands current capacity from 21,600 gallons to 175,000 gallons
  • Expanded overflow storage increases time to restore power during outages before spills occur (at avg. daily flow) from current 10 minutes to 1 hour and 24 minutes. 
  • Bypass pump adds fourth level of redundancy. 

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