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Heritage Complex
2662 Riva Road
Annapolis, MD. 21401
(410) 222-7500



Department of Public Works - Bureau of Engineering 

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New Lake Shore Fire Station

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Project Information
Project ManagerRajan Nigam
Phone number410-222-7938
Design ConsultantBignell, Watkins, Hasser
Project Cost$5.4 million
Start DateTBD
Completion DateTBD
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Project replaces existing/outdated Lake Shore Volunteer Fire Station in Pasadena. Project design is consistent with recently constructed stations.


  • Upgrades/Updates Increased response time
  • Includes space for Volunteer Fire personnel
  • Provides first response to property owners
  • Three drive-thru bays
  • Upgraded medical and fire apparatus

Project Updates

Dec '14

Project is currently in design phase





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