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New Eastern District Police Station

Project ManagerRajan Nigam
Phone number410-222-7938
ContractorsH&H Contractors
Project Investment$9,054,000
Notice to ProceedAugust 2013
Completion DateNovember 2014
DPW Customer Relations



Construction of the new 20,000 sq. ft. facility will provide much-needed upgrades for police and community. The building will consist of two stories for police administration, a community room and separate cell blocks.


  • Upgrades will better serve police community
  • Facility will be LEED Silver certified
  • Bio-Retention area
  • Underground stormwater filters
  • Generator for use during power failures
  • Building will have CCTV camera survelience
  • Adequate parking for police/community

Project Updates

Aug. 2014Groundbreaking
Dec. 2014

Construction ongoing


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