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Department of Public Works - DPW News and Announcements - 2014 

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Stormwater Fee Credit Program Approved

Anne Arundel County Stormwater Remediation Fee 
Credit Program Approved by MDE
Credits Now Available to Eligible Property Owners for
Proactive and Sustainable Stormwater Management Practices
Annapolis, Maryland (January 16, 2013) – The Stormwater Fee Credit Program Policy and Guidance for Anne Arundel County has been officially approved by the Maryland Department of Environment to provide the County the framework and procedures needed to administer credits to eligible property owners.  
Eligibility Properties 
  1. Non-residential property
  2. Multi-family property
  3. Residential properties with an Inspection/Maintenance Agreement for Private Stormwater Management executed after 2002 
  4. Non-residential property with NPDES permit
The primary objective of the County’s Stormwater Fee Credit Program is to recognize the stormwater remediation investments already made by property owners and the installation of new practices to proactively and sustainably manage stormwater on private property.  Credits are based on a property owner’s use of one or more of the eligible runoff control practices on their land.  To receive the 50% maximum allowable credit by law, the entire impervious surface area of a property must be treated using stormwater control practices designed, approved, constructed, and maintained in accordance with the County Standards, Stormwater Management Practices and Procedures Manual, and/or the 2000 Maryland Stormwater Design Manual, Volumes I and II, and Supplements.  Partial credit is also available for controls that treat a portion of a property’s overall impervious area.
Credit applications must be submitted for initial request and for any reapplication.  A summary sheet of the stormwater control practices and all necessary documentation to support the credit request must be attached.  Anne Arundel County will render a decision of approval or denial within 90 calendar days of receiving a request.  Application packages must be submitted to the Department of Public Works by April 30, 2014 to guarantee any approved credit is applied towards the initial stormwater remediation fee assessment reflected on Real Estate Property Tax Bills for 2014.  The credit application deadline for any future taxable year is October 1.  
Application packages must be sent to:
Attn: SWF Credit Program
Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works
Watershed Protection and Restoration Program
2662 Riva Road (MS7310)
Annapolis, Maryland 21401
Application forms are available for download on the Stormwater Fee Credit Application Page..  Forms may also be obtained by calling 410-222-7582.  

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