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Department of Public Works - DPW News and Announcements - 2014 

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Published Snow Removal Level of Service for 4-6 Inches of Accumulation
The National Weather Service forecast for today calls for four to six inches of snow accumulation in Anne Arundel County.  Based on this forecast, the Department of Public Works (DPW) Bureau of Highways will provide the following level of service for snow removal:
  • Bare pavement vehicular access on County-maintained arterial and collector roadways within 24 hours AFTER the end of the storm;
  • Passable, but not bare pavement, vehicular access on County-maintained local roadways (ie, residential streets, culs-de-sac, dead-ends, etc) within 36 hours AFTER the end of the storm.
Passable means that the road may be snow packed, only one travel lane will be plowed, and all-weather tires are a must

The Anne Arundel County Travel Guide provides residents an expected level of service for snow removal operations for storms of all magnitudes.  


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