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Department of Public Works - DPW News and Announcements - 2013 

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County Receives Additional $72.1 Million Bay Restoration Fund Grant Award for Cox Creek ENR Phase II Construction

Board of Public Works Also Approved $24.9 Million Low Interest Loan
Annapolis, Maryland (May 2, 2013) - The State of Maryland Board of Public Works recently awarded Anne Arundel County an additional $72.1 million in Bay Restoration Fund (BRF) Grants and $24.9 million low interest loan for upcoming construction costs associated with the Cox Creek Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) Enhanced Nutrient Removal (ENR) Capital Project.  Phase II of the $162 million project will begin this summer and, when complete, improve the health of our waterways by enhancing the County’s ability to increase the amount of harmful pollutants removed in the wastewater treatment process.  
The $72.1 million represents the final installment of BRF Grants for Cox Creek and supplements the $16.5 million grants previously approved by the Board of Public Works for recently completed Phase I construction costs.   Phase II of the project includes treatment and chemical feed modifications and the addition of a state-of-the-art membrane filtration technology.  When the project is completed and the WRF is at its permitted flow of 15 million gallons per day (mgd), this added technology will increase the amount of harmful pollutants removed during the treatement process prior to discharge into the Patapsco River.  Nitrogen discharge concentration will be reduced by 67.5% and phosphorous discharge concentration will be reduced by 90%.  Adding membrane filters also eliminates the need to construct more conventional aeration tanks and secondary clarifiers.  Saving this amount of space is imperative due to the limited space at the WRF and the plant’s location on the Patapsco River. 
The approved low interest 24.9 million loan is part of the Water Quality State Revolving Loan Fund and will further reduce the overall expense of the project.  Recent loan recipients have received an interest rate of 1.70%. 
Currently, six of the seven County wastewater treatment plants are under construction for ENR Upgrades.

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