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Department of Public Works - DPW News and Announcements - 2014 

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DPW Completes Preliminary Damage Assessments Following Tuesday's Flash Flood
Annapolis, Maryland (August 14, 2014) – The Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works (DPW) Bureau of Highways (BOH) has completed preliminary assessments of the road segments and underground utilities overwhelmed by Tuesday’s extraordinary rainfall.  Work to restore and repair washed out road segments, culvert pipes and underground utillity lines has begun and is estimated to cost at least $3 million.   
Flooding and excess rainfall also caused sanitary sewer overflows at the Cox Creek Water Reclamation Facility and Cinder Cover Sewer Pumping Station.
“The intensity of this storm was a knockout blow to parts of our systems,” said DPW Director Christopher Phipps.  “The amount of rainfall on Tuesday equated to at least a 200 year storm event in parts of the County.  Because of the complex and extensive nature of this work, some road segments may be closed for two to three weeks.”
One washed out section of Marley Neck Road near Marcy Drive will be closed for an extended period of time.  The rainfall and flooding damage exposed numerous underground utilities that will need to be restored including a 12-inch water main, an 8-inch gravity sewer main, a 32-inch sewer force main and several other gas and electric utiliites.  
Most active road closures are due to flooding and will be reopened to traffic as soon as possible.
Closed Road Segments-Severely Damaged
Culvert Pipe/Paved Surface Damage
W. Nursery Rd-1300 block
Marley Neck Rd-300 block
Marley Neck Rd-near Howard Rd.
Marley Neck Rd.-near Marcy Drive
New Cut Rd.-500 block
Boulevard Pl.-First block
Lake Front Dr.-First block
Brookwood Rd.-8200 block
Scheduled Repairs-Roads to Remain Open
Roadway Location
Solley Road-8000 block
River Road-1200 block
Beaver Road-7600 block
Rock Hill Road-1200 block
St. Ives Drive-200 block
Furnace Ave-near Patapsco State Pk.
Light Street Ave-near W. Chestnut
Sanitary Sewer Overflows
Cox Creek Water Reclamation Facility 57,600 gallons
Cinder Cove Sewer Pumping Station 43,000 gallons
*Both overflows were due to the excessive amount of rainfall.  The Department of Health has closed both Cox Creek and Furnace Creek and has posted signs warning against swimming and other direct water contact with these two waterways until August 20, 2014.  
*Anyone coming in contact with the affected water is advised to wash well with soap and warm water immediately.  Clothing should also be washed.


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