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Department of Public Works 

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Piney Orchard Parkway to Reopen 


Annapolis, Maryland (April 23, 2014) - Department of Public Works officials expect initial road work on Piney Orchard Parkway to be completed and all but one northbound lane of traffic to be reopened by 3:30 p.m.  Piney Orchard Parkway was closed from Waugh Chapel Road to Strawberry Lake Way after an early morning 12-inch water main break caused extensive damage to the street surface.  


Road restoration efforts will begin again tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. with no anticipated road closures.  During the road work tomorrow, traffic on Piney Orchard Parkway will be limited to one lane in each direction between Riverscape Road and Piney Orchard Boulevard.  



Annapolis, Maryland (April 23, 2014) - Piney Orchard Parkway in Odenton is currently closed in both directions from Waugh Chapel Road to Strawberry Lake Way as the Department of Public Works (DPW) restores the roadway damaged by a water main break this morning.  

The water main break was reported at 5 a.m. and repaired by DPW Bureau of Utilities crews.  The break badly damaged approximately 150 feet of Piney Orchard Parkway.  Efforts to restore the damaged section of Piney Orchard Parkway to safe driving standards are underway and expected to be completed today. 

The State of Maryland's Bay Restoration Fund (BRF) Grant program, administered locally by the Anne Arundel County Department of Health, now includes funding for sewer connections of existing dwellings that are currently served by a septic system where public sewer is available.  To be considered for the grant program, a property must be located in an Existing Sewer Service Area and have public sewer abutting the property or located in a utility easement immediately abutting the property.  


Contact the Department of Public Works at 410-222-7511 to determine the availability of public sewer to your property and to obtain a Certificate of Availability of Public Wastewater and Estimate of Fees for Connection.  For more information regarding grant eligibility requirements and step-by-step instructions on securing BRF Grant funds for sewer connections, visit Sewer Connections: Existing Dwellings Where Public Sewer Is Available.


The State-supported BRF grant program provides funding to replace conventional septic tanks with nitrogen-reducing units or funding for sewer connections of existing dwellings where public sewer is available.  The program's purpose is to reduce the amount of harmful nutrients, such as nitrogen, that septic systems discharge into the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries.


An update for the Cape St. Claire Road Widening and Water Main Capital Project has been posted to the Highlighted Capital Projects page on the DPW website.  


Annapolis, Maryland (March 18, 2014) - Due to yesterday's snow storm, recycling collections for Monday customers were delayed and completed this morning.  As a result, Tuesday's trash and recycling collections are occurring later than normal, and some recycling collections may not be completed today. Tuesday customers are asked to leave their recycling curbside, and contractors will collect it on Wednesday.


Call 410-222-6100 for information or to report concerns.  The Department of Public Works, Waste Management Services thanks you for your patience and understanding.

All Anne Arundel County Recycling Centers, the Millersville Landfill, and Administrative Offices are opening at 11 a.m. 
Curbside collection contractors are working today and making every attempt to safely collect trash and recyclables.  Customers should expect collections to begin and end later than usual as a result of the weather.
If crews are unable to complete collections due to conditions in certain communities or along certain streets, they will return later in the day or the following day as weather and travel conditions allow.  Please leave your recycling and trash at the curb until collections occur.
Customer Service Representatives will be available whenever collections are occurring. Call 410-222-6100 for information or to report concerns.



Anne Arundel County curbside collection contractors are working hard to complete recycling and trash collections for Monday customers.  


Some neighborhood streets remain icy, and hills, curves, and narrow streets with parked cars are presenting challenges for the large rear-wheel drive collection trucks.


The Department of Public Works Waste Management Services appreciates your patience, and asks that you leave your material curbside so that collections can be completed as soon as conditions allow.  


Please call our customer service representatives at 410-222-6100 to report any concerns you may have.


Annapolis, Maryland (March 4, 2014) - Curbside collection services, canceled on Monday due to inclement weather, will resume this morning, March 4, 2014.  


Collections normally scheduled for Monday will take place today, March 4, 2014.  


Collections scheduled for today will occur tomorrow, March 5, 2014.  




Annapolis, Maryland ( March 3, 2014) - Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works, Waste Management Services has canceled curbside collections of trash and recycling for Monday, March 3, 2014.  Monday collections will occur on Tuesday, March 4, 2014 and Tuesday collections will occur on Wednesday, March 5, 2014.



The landfill and convenience centers will also be closed  Monday.




Annapolis, Maryland ( February 13, 2014) - Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works, Waste Management Services has canceled curbside collections of trash and recycling for Thursday, February 13, 2014.   Thursday collections will occur on  Friday, February 14, 2014 and  Friday collections will occur on Saturday, February 15, 2014.


The landfill and convenience centers will also be closed  Thursday.

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