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About Community and Constituent Services

The Community and Constituent Services Office is an arm of the County Executive’s office. Its staff works with citizens to resolve concerns involving county government, educates citizens about government procedures, policies, and laws, and works to expedite government action. The staff consists of a director, four community specialists, and an executive assistant who answer residents’ questions from, attend community association meetings, identify a wide range of constituent problems, and serve as liaison for the County Executive, County Departments, and the residents of Anne Arundel County. Each community specialist works in a specific geographic area working together with other elected officials at all levels of government to provide answers, find solutions, and identify additional and alternative resources.
Beyond these basic services, the staff works with the Emergency Management Office to promote community emergency preparedness, participates in community events, festivals, and programs, and assists community associations address significant public safety, zoning enforcement, and environmental issues.



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